Since 1991 SALF excels in distribution

Since the company was launched on the regional market, we have been facing many changes, regarding both the business environment and the end consumer’s requirements. The constant pro-change attitude of our team marked the company’s positive development, bringing it to a first place in the top distribution companies in the region. Therefore, the experience gained during these years is both a strength and a leverage to success in future expansion projects.


SALF is one of the most important distribution companies in Arges county. According to its own estimation, the company has a market share of 85% (3000 active customers). SALF was founded in 1991, working from the outset in the public alimentation industry. Since 1999, the company focused exclusively on the distribution segment of beer, soft drinks, coffee and food products.

Currently, SALF has over 90 employees that offer daily distribution services for 3,000 customers located in Arges area.

The success of our company is partially due to the long term partnerships established with top FMCG companies: Heineken Romania, Strauss Group, HTS Hongta Services, Mandy Foods Group, Philip Morris, Coca Cola. etc.

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Partners about us

During the last year and a half, as Sales Manager for the Romanian beer producer Heineken, I found a very special aspect of the distribution development activity. I found joy in building a lasting business relationship, based on trust, communication …

Sorin Leoveanu
Regional Sales Manager

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